Commercial Facilities & Restaurant Cleaning: Leave The Cleaning & Disinfecting to the Pro’s

Whether you have an office building, hospital, school, restaurant, stadium, or other commercial facilities, Universal Cleaning Pros has the experience to handle your professional needs and deliver results. Under the UCP Business Model, our cleaning crews are trained and dedicated to the needs of each facility we serve. As our name states, we are a janitorial management company and we take the management of your cleaning staff as our sole responsibility.
Universal Cleaning Pros believes that in order to operate successfully we strive to become your ‘Cleaning Department’. Our staff will gain an understanding of the needs of your building. Every building has a unique set of nuances that are specific to each site. UCP understands that no cleaning specification can capture all the necessities of your building. We operate under the motto that: if it’s dirty, we will clean it!
Universal Cleaning Pros provides a wide range of janitorial and disinfecting solutions based on your needs. Our most common services requested by customers include;

1. Disinfecting with Electrostatic Sprayer
2. Floorcare
3. Trash disposal
4. High-dusting and furniture
5. Restroom cleaning
6. Clean and detail restaurant equipment and stainless steel wall

Empty all waste and sanitary disposal containers and replace liners.
Fill all dispensers. (all supplies to be provided by the Customer)
Clean and disinfect all disposal containers.
Clean and polish all mirrors and bright work.
Clean and disinfect all counter tops.
Clean and disinfect all toilet fixtures and urinals inside and outside.
Spot clean all partitions end walls to remove any drips, marks or spillage.
Dust all sills, ledges and other horizontal surfaces.
Sweep and wet mop the floor with disinfectant cleaner.
Remove smudges and finger marks from all doors, frames, partitions and switch plates.
Report all mechanical deficiencies, dripping faucets, leaking toilets, clogged drains, lights out, etc., to the Mechanic on Duty.
The following tasks are to be performed monthly:
Wash and disinfect any ceramic tile walls and partitions as needed.
Dust all vents, diffusers and radiators..

All Specifications can be Modified to Meet Your Facility’s Needs.

Office Cleaning

Universal Cleaning Pros has the experience, skills, training, and staff to thoroughly clean offices of all sizes throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We have over a decade of office cleaning experience and have built a great reputation based on our reliability, quality of service and our commitment to outstanding customer care.

From the most basic of daily maintenance tasks to heavy machine scrubbing, mid-rise window washing and floor waxing, we have the experience and capacity to handle all your office cleaning needs.

All our janitorial and office cleaning services are tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, efficient, and affordable cleaning solutions that will meet your expectations and budget. All our services backed up by our complete satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced and reliable cleaning crews can work around your schedule, including after hours and on weekends, ensuring that our cleaning services are convenient for your business.

If you’re ready to experience superior office cleaning for your business, call Universal Cleaning Pros for a phone or free in office estimate at (484) 318 – 8781

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

When the last table is bussed and the kitchen closes, Universal Cleaning Pros professional restaurant and kitchen cleaning teams go to work. Our crews are ready to provide the best in restaurant cleaning to make sure your kitchen and dining areas are clean, fresh and ready for the next day.

With professional restaurant cleaning services, your cooks will have a sanitized work environment and your guests an immaculate dining area. Universal Cleaning Pros services include:

• A superior and cleaner restaurant, from kitchen to dining area

• Dedicated and experienced staff

• 24-hour operations support and measured inspections

Learn more about our restaurant cleaning services by submitting your information for a free quote or contacting one of our local restaurant cleaning professionals today.

Comprehensive Restaurant & Bar Touchpoint Lists


Waiting area (benches)

Hostess stand


Chairs/seating area (Chair backs in particular)


Restroom doors (inside and outside)

Restrooms ~ incl. flush handles/buttons, toilet paper dispenser, sanitary disposal bins, grab bars, toilet seats, sink handles, paper towel dispenser

Shared condiment baskets (if available)

T.V. Remotes

Any cleaning equipment: Bus tubs, broom/vacuum handles, wet floor signs

Soda guns

Equipment handles

Kitchen horizontal surfaces and splash guards

Emergency exit doors

Switch plates

Key pads

Phone headsets and keypad

Cooler/freezer doors

Any cleaning equipment: Bus tubs, broom/vacuum handles, wet floor signs

Hat racks/coat hangers

Bar top and shelves

Purse hooks under bar

Gaming devices ~ Arcade Games, video poker, trivia devices etc.

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